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Ancho Poblano 4 units (around 250 grs.)



250 grs. food net package

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Anchos, poblanos, mulatos

In the USA and in the industry as well the easiest way out has benn taken: as long as the fruit is green it is called Poblano, no matter whether it is a poblano or an ancho mulato. Once it rippens, those maturing in red are called poblanos and those maturing in dark brown mulato. However, only the Ancho from Puebla (México) should have the "poblano" last name. When the dry up they are called Anchos.

It is extremely soft: betwen 1,000 and 1,500 SHU. Habaneros are around 500,000 and Bhut Jolokia is over 1,000,000. As a general rule, the darker the hotter although one can never be completely sure.

The plants are 60 cm high. The leaves, between 5 and 6 cm, are brilliant dark green, slightly clearer than the fruit, which is wide, conic and short, between 6 and 12 cm. The average yield is around 15 fruits per plant.

As for the selection of the best fruits, the skin should be soft as a baby skin: no stains, no wrinkles.

This variety from the Capsicum Annuum is one of the most popular ones in México. Over 90,000 Ha. are cultivated. They are used both for roasting and filling. Filled chiles, fries with sliced anchos, camote with chile poblano or sliced poblano with cream. They are used as well as an ingredient in sauces: fresh salsa or mole.


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Ancho Poblano 4 units (around 250 grs.)

Ancho Poblano 4 units (around 250 grs.)

250 grs. food net package

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