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Who we are

We were born five years ago as a result of our passion: the chiles. We had been growing and collecting varieties from all over the world for ourselves for over ten years. Some are surprised we are not mexican but, why not?, yes, we are: we are also fond of chiles and they are the kings in our kitchen as well.

We are still at home. We have not moved anywhere, still we are on our way. Since we were to grow for you too, we decided to do things even better. So we did what was due to be able to sell them. But we are doing not only what is preceptive but we decided to start our way to excellence. We grow what you taste with extreme care. Our products are outstanding. We grow with trellis and plastic ground cover to prevent chiles from the contact with the soil. We only use ecologic products if any pesticide is needed. As a matter of fact none has been used for the last three years. The aptitude of our products is certified periodically by Laboratorio del Análisis del Agua, S.L..

Henceforth, we grow here in Extremadura the best fresh chiles you may find in Europe.

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Cultivamos lo que añoras

La gente de Paco Pica lleva a tu mesa los frutos con los que cocinar los platitos que tanto añoras, directamente de nuestra huerta a tu mesa, sin intermediarios, lo que te garantiza un trato personalizado y un producto fresco y delicioso a un precio razonable.